‘Death Hall’ is a New Brutal Platformer from the Developer of ‘Wave Wave’

You might recall several years back there was a totally bonkers cave flyer called Wave Wave ($2.99). It was basically like playing a normal cave flyer except that somebody strapped industrial strength headphones onto your head first and blasted dubstep into your ears while forcing you to ride the world’s most twisted rollercoaster while you played. It’s a total sensory overload, and we loved it in our review as well as in our Game of the Week award. Well Wave Wave’s developer Tom Janson is back at it again with a new mobile game called Death Hall. It’s described as “a run & jump action-platformer, and you need to get as far as you can through a series of stages, culminating in a final confrontation with the monster.” Said monster is a giant red blob of a thing with razor sharp teeth that will leap from the bottom of the screen and try to gobble you up. While a trailer isn’t quite ready yet, here’s some screens of what Death Hall looks like so far.

As you can see, this is a portrait-oriented game with a simple set of virtual controls down at the bottom of the screen. You have automatically regenerating health so you’re actually able to take some damage while you play and as long as you can avoid taking too much all at once you can actually recover and keep going. The scoring mechanic also revolves around how fluidly you’re able to make your way through a stage, so playing skillfully is rewarded but it’s not a requirement just to complete the game if you’re not a platformer expert. Death Hall should be finished up in the next few months and right now the developer is looking for “a handful of players” to take the game for a spin to help iron out any issues. It sounds like spots will be limited but if you’re interested in throwing your hat into that particular ring then register your interest over in our forumsand look for more on Death Hall as its development continues.

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