Privacy Policy

In the toucharcade work, the Internet specifically reminds users to carefully read the various provisions in this “toucharcade Game User Personal Information and Privacy Protection Policy” (minors should be accompanied by their legal guardians) and choose to accept or not accept this “toucharcade” Game User Personal Information and Privacy Policy. If the user does not agree to any of this policy, please do not register or use the toucharcade service.

1. User’s consent: Personal privacy information refers to information that can be personally identified or involved in personal communication, including the following information: user’s name, valid ID number, home address, phone number, IP address, email address information. . The non-personal private information refers to the general information of the user’s operating status and usage habits, which are clearly and objectively reflected in the basic record information of the toucharcade server and all other personal privacy information.

2. In general, toucharcade requires the use of user information resources for the following reasons:

(1) Perform a software verification service.

(2) Perform a software upgrade service.

(3) Network synchronization service.

(4) Improve user security and provide customer support.

(5) When the user uses the specific function of the software or because the user requires the toucharcade work or the cooperation unit to provide a specific service, the toucharcade work or the cooperation unit needs to provide the user’s information to the third party associated with the user.

(6) Execute the relevant terms of the User Agreement.

(7) Other benefits that benefit the user and the toucharcade work.

3. toucharcade respects personal privacy and pays attention to the protection of user information resources. toucharcade will use a variety of effective security technologies and procedures to protect user information from unauthorized access, use and disclosure. toucharcade does not disclose user information to third parties except in the following cases:

(1) Disclosure based on the provisions of national laws and regulations;

(2) Disclosure shall be made at the request of the national judicial authority and other government agencies authorized by law on the basis of statutory procedures;

(3) Disclosure for the protection of the toucharcade or your legal rights;

(4) Disclosure in order to protect the safety of other users and third parties in an emergency;

(5) When toucharcade files a lawsuit or arbitration to the user in order to protect its legitimate rights and interests;

(6) Authorized disclosure by the user or the user guardian;

(7) When the user’s personal information is provided in response to the legal requirements of the user’s guardian.